Fashion Portfolio


My Master Thesis carried the title “Form meets Function”. In that context, I designed a collection of functional outdoor wear, where the design supports the function and the function is included in the design concept.

I hereby chose the paragliding sport as a focus group, since there isn’t much specified clothing on the market for these particular athletes. Since my sister is an enthusiastic paragliding pilot, I already had access to my target group.

Photographer: Sophie Margue

Models: Jelena Wollenweber & Christian Wolf

Make-Up Artist: Quirin Hasler


The final project for my fashion design diploma was produced under the title “What Darkness holds”. The idea was to design a collection to help the wearer express a side of them they would normally keep hidden. The designs are supposed to express the bravery to be yourself and the acceptance of every facet of one’s personality.

Photographer: Bastian Höhl

Model: Janine Moll

Make-up Artist: Sabrina Lack

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